Families on the Couch project



We are very excited to introduce our Families on the Couch project in support of the McGrath Foundation.

This year I was incredibly touched by a client's battle with breast cancer. I have photographed Kathryn's family a number of times, and was so shocked to hear that this gorgeous, vibrant mum of 3 kids aged 12, 9 and 6 was battling breast cancer. It made me realize how precious every moment with our family really is... '

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Australia. Around 17,500 women and 150 men are diagnosed every year. Together, we can make a difference! I am hoping that with your support,  together we can help make life for families experiencing breast cancer that little bit easier.

So what's the project about?

Families today come in all shapes and sizes. Our families on the couch project aims to tell us the story of each family and to celebrate how special families are.

We will be holding an exhibition in our beautiful studio in Gordon in 2018 to showcase the images from these sessions.

If you been meaning to update your family photos, your kids are growing up way too quickly, or you just love the age your kids are at and would love to document it, this is a great opportunity to update your families' photos and to be part of this special project in support of the McGrath Foundation.


So how does the Families on the Couch project work?

1) apply to be part of our project, we want to know a little about your family

2) we will email you our available dates so we can find a date to suit your family

3) Once we have confirmed a date for your session, we will send you a link to pay a $75 donation. This will be donated directly to the McGrath Foundation and locks in your session time. It covers your session, and an image of your family appearing in our exhibition.

4) We will send you an email with info on how to prepare for your session, what to bring with you and what to wear!

5) We have a fun relaxed family session in our studio at Gordon, where we will capture a range of images of your family

6) You willcome back into the studio to view your photos. This will be your opportunity to purchase photos of your family and we will be able to show you the image that will be featured in the exhibition


Apply to be part of the project by completing this form

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